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Adding fonts to Photoshop CS6 64Bit

It’s reported that in order to have fonts available for Photoshop CS6 you have to load them into your system (as windows fonts). ┬áThis is not true however, as you can use the old method of adding the fonts into an Adobe specific folder which is then picked up as CS6 starts.

This did always used to be the case with CS5 and other Adobe products as well, the only difference seems to be now that the folder required isn’t there by default. ┬áThis is fine, just go and create it, put the fonts in there and load CS6 to see the fonts present.

Running CS6 (64bit) on a Windows 7 system, the directory is

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts

No more slowing down your Windows system by having hundreds of fonts loaded unnecessarily